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Available in a variety of colors to cater for various architectural styles and tastes

The end result speaks for itself

Elegant, Economic, and Efficient Exterior Finish Option

High bonding strength, resistance to weather conditions, and the touch of elegance make Creto your ultimate, ideal performance, finish option.

Creto is a high quality pre-mixed mixture of cementitious materials, special fillers and additives with three gradients (A, B & C). The special mix of Creto is of high bonding strength with internal and external plaster surfaces. Comes in 25kg sacks.

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– High resistance to water, humidity, and outdoor weather conditions.

– Ease of preparation and application. Just add water

– Stable colors and excellent ability to conceal surface defects

– Ability to prevent cracking

– Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

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Available in more than 30 standard colors to choose from.

Available in different degrees of roughness.

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