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Soft Putty

High quality pre-mixed cement based putty for interior and exterior works

Best Surface Preparation

Excellent for Surface Leveling and Restoration

Directly apply on concrete or mortar and easily obtain an even surface ready for painting works.

High quality pre-mixed cement based putty modified with the best polymers and bonding agents, for leveling and restoration of cement and plastered surfaces. Suitable for interior and exterior applications and is applied directly on concrete or mortar. Comes in 25kg sacks.

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– High bonding and cohesion with other surfaces

– High resistance to water, humidity, and weather conditions.

– Ease of preparation and application. Just add water

– Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

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Apply in thin layers to settle cement surfaces and level unevenness.

Apply directly on concrete or mortar

Thickness up to 3 mm per knife

Spreading Rate: 1kg/2m2 per coat

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